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Tap The Rhythm: Music in hands


*Are you thrilled with great music?*Do you want to extend your music enjoyment? If so, Tap The Rhythm is where you find yourself ;)This music rhythm game will lets you touch the melody of your songs and immerged in the magical world of music.
Our addictive music game lets you:
- Feel the beat with your fingers: follow the rhythm of music and tap the notes at the right time to get the highest score.- Challenge yourself with two difficult levels of this music game: Hard and Normal- Show off your awesome skill and be the top with leaderboad- Have an updated list songs of different genres. The list of songs is chosen and updated continuosly ranging from Jazz, Pop, Rock, Ballad, Epic to Classic
P.s:- We are committed to provide the best experience with this music rhythm game, so please feel free to reach us for any recommendations if any.- You should use headphone to get better gameplay.- More song of different genres such as EDM and rock are about to roll out in the next version. Stay tuned and enjoy!
So, thats it! Feel the beat and enjoy!!!